The sweeping sand dunes of Lancelin were originally called Wangaree by Australia’s first people. The majestic sand dunes are 4000 years in the making, ever changing in their undulations by the winds the region is well know for.

"I love capturing the architectural moments of nature - the lines, the textures, the light reflections, and the natural hues. I love exploring a landscape to find its most beautiful, pure form." - Jody D'Arcy


Wadjemup is a premier destination for lovers of beautiful beaches and coral reefs.  The numerous, pristine bays offer a plethora of photographic opportunities.  However, the quiet beauty of the Island can also be found in its spectacular salt lakes. The Island has a limestone base which has given rise to these beauties and the different PH levels dictates their varied colours. 

"The colours and textures of nature are the purest of hues. I love to capture these. It's an opportunity to bring these moments into your own space; to bring nature inside." - Jody D'Arcy